Fostering love for dogs in need

I have always had a deep passion for animals. Hearing stories of animal abuse leaves me heartbroken. I feel a strong sense to protect and stand up for animals. That passion led me to begin volunteering at a local animal shelter in Mesa and eventually open up my home to foster dogs. A few of these foster dogs have become my forever family.

It helps me feel like I can help with medical bills and assist the rescue in further finding forever homes for these dogs in need.

Fostering can also be heartbreaking. Often a dog comes into my home that is broken – neglected, abused or abandoned. My family and I give extra love to these dogs. After weeks or months, the right adoptive family comes along and while I am happy and relieved, I am left with a hole in my heart. Fostering isn’t for the weak of heart but it is so needed. Some of the dogs I have fostered in the past have never known the touch of a human hand. To see these dogs after they have been adopted is truly priceless.

I also love that my friends know I will help them find the best home for an animal if they must give it up for one reason or another. I have a friend who also happened to be my client, you can reach her at, who I have helped (twice!) find amazing families for her grandma’s dogs. She trusts that I will love each dog and work hard to find the perfect family. Having this much trust makes me so happy!

Dogs are one of my passions and I will always be the one you can call and I will be there in a minute. Please consider becoming a foster family. Your assistance is greatly needed.

Celeste LaRocque-Wolfe is a local and experienced realtor. 
Reach her at