Ice Den Chandler offers blessed relief from the relentless summertime heat 8

During the winter on the East Coast and other frozen parts of the country, residents often complain about being snowed in.

Here in the uber-hot desert, we have our own version of this weather-caused problem in the summer: we are baked in!

After admiring pictures and reading posts on social media from our friends and family in “cooler” states about their trips to the beach, glorious picnics at the park and rowdy games of badminton in the backyard, we are wondering how we will make it through another day of 110-plus degree days with our kiddos, most of whom have succumbed to cabin fever.

Fortunately, there is hope for making it through the dog days of summer, and it’s in the form of a fabulously frigid place called Ice Den Chandler.

Mike O’Hearn, president of Ice Den Chandler, says he is proud that the facility offers a wide range of activities that the entire family can enjoy.

“Starting with parent and pup classes for toddlers wanting to learn to skate, figure skating for all ages and abilities and hockey at the youth, travel and adult levels, our programs offer something for everyone,” he says.

Dress warmly

Marcy Fileccia, vice president of marketing and communications for Coyotes Ice, LLC, agrees that Ice Den Chandler is a perfect place for parents and kids to stay cool when the mercury threatens to break right out of the thermometer. In fact, she says, visitors to the facility should forego shorts and tank tops for sweatshirts and mittens.

“The average temperature in the rink is 56 degrees year round and offers a tremendous and welcome relief from plus 100 temperatures during hot Arizona summers,” she says.

“We encourage all skaters and spectators to dress accordingly for warmth and safety. The ice surface itself is kept at approximately 18 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the best ice quality.”

Facility improvements

As Fileccia notes, the building was originally built in 1999. It was acquired by Coyotes Ice, LLC—which has owned and operated the Ice Den Scottsdale since 1998—in early 2014 and was closed for a 4-month, approximately $6 million extensive renovation.

“The building reopened in August, 2014 under the name Ice Den Chandler,” she says, adding that highlights of the renovation include two completely rebuilt ice surfaces, new flooring and lighting. The facility also now includes amenities like a retail shop for hockey and figure skaters, 18 Degrees Express Grill and the Chilly Bean Café.

Taylor Burke, Owner of Ice Den Chandler and a local resident, says he has been thrilled by the warm welcome the cool facility enjoyed from the Chandler community.

“The support we have received from the Chandler community has been overwhelming from the moment we purchased the building,” he says.

“Hockey and skating are both very demanding sports that require families to invest a lot of time at the rink, we are honored that they choose the Ice Den Chandler as their home away from home.”

Ice Den Chandler is located at 7225 W. Harrison St. in Chandler. For more information, call 480.598.9400 or visit