Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat 1

Ice Cream Sammies, Sunny SnoBalls are serving up delicious frozen desserts

Arizona summers normally require a surplus of refreshing drinks and foods to survive the heat. This summer, your family won’t complain when you take them out of the house for one of these icy cold Chandler treats.

Ice Cream Sammies

Ice Cream Sammies started after friends Ariana, Joel and Jaime were eating dessert on vacation. Jaime had grown up making her own ice cream for special occasions, and with her culinary background, she dabbled in cookie baking as well. They knew they could make a better ice cream sandwich and from there Ice Cream Sammies opened two years later in March of 2016.

The ice cream and cookies at the Downtown Chandler shop are all made from scratch. To be sure the shop had the best ice cream Chandler could find, the trio spent a year taking chemistry of ice cream classes at Penn State University and meeting with multiple dairies across the country to find the perfect cream. The results are easily noticed with the smooth and light dessert.

Ariana, Jaime and Joel wanted Ice Cream Sammies to be a shop with simply delicious ice cream. Each day you can expect around 16 flavors of ice cream and six flavors of cookies. Pick your ice cream flavor and then mix and match your cookies for the ultimate ice cream sammie. The ice cream changes frequently, which is a plus for you. Some recent flavors have been blackberry cheese cake, orange creamsicle, salted caramel and fruity loop. Also available daily are classic treats such as floats, shakes and sundaes. Ice Cream Sammies recently partnered with local Bosa donuts to create a unique donut ice cream sandwich.

Next door to the shop is Burst of Butterflies, a paint studio. The two businesses share a patio which is a perfect spot to host painting birthday parties with Ice Cream Sammies treats. The shared patio is also dog friendly so the whole family can come!

Ice Cream Sammies is open Monday through Thursday from 
11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The shop is located at 135 W. Boston St. in Chandler, AZ 85225. Learn more at

Sunny SnoBalls

Bring your family to another Chandler family owned business: Sunny SnoBalls. This shaved ice shop is no ordinary ice and syrup stand. Owners Chance and Diana were inspired by an old home town hut along with styles of shaved ice found in New Orleans. After success with starting a mobile shaved ice business in the Chandler area, Chance and Diane found a storefront to call home. With bright colors and tables with tiki umbrellas, Sunny SnoBalls is the perfect spot to have a fun evening with the family.

When creating your frosty snoball concoction, typically you begin by picking a flavor for your ice. Sunny SnoBalls offers 100 flavors made fresh with no fructose, corn syrup or preservatives. They also offer sugar-free and dye-free options. Normally your shaved ice experience stops there, but not at Sunny SnoBalls. In addition to the fresh made flavors, customers can also stuff, fluff and top their shaved ice.

Stuffing your shaved ice is New Orleans style and it means adding a few scoops of ice cream at the bottom of your cup. Toppings on the menu include regular sweet cream and chocolate along with exotic items such as Chamoy, Tajin, Li Hing Mui and Tamarind Straw. Lastly fluff it with homemade fluff from local shop, Fluff It Marshmallows!

With so many options, the combinations for the family are endless. If you can’t choose on your own, Sunny SnoBalls has a wall of “The Best Ones” to help you decide. The Muddy Puddles is a decadent favorite with chocolate ice, sweet cream, caramel, crushed Oreo and a candy worm. The Pickadilly is a sweet and sour combination with diced pickles, Chamoy and Tajin.

Make your shaved ice trip a night out with the family because if you bring your same-day receipt from Sunny SnoBalls into neighbor business Extreme Air, you will receive an extra hour of jumping for free.

Visit Sunny SnoBalls at 980 E. Pecos Rd, Ste. C-4, in Chandler on Tuesday through Thursday from 12 to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 12 to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 8 p.m. Visit Sunny SnoBalls on Facebook or call 480.786.9582 for more information.