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Serving as a community resource for health and wellness

Growing up, Adam McCown was always interested in math and science in school. He knew a career in healthcare was the goal, but it wasn’t until the end of college that he knew pharmacy would be his path to follow. McCown explains that he chose pharmacy because, “it is a great field that combines clinical expertise with an opportunity to help a wide variety of people, from babies to senior adults.”
Thinking Outside the Pillbox
After earning his PharmD, McCown headed south from Seattle to Chandler and teamed up with co-owner and fellow Chandler resident, Taylor Froiland to create Medmetrics, a full-service community pharmacy. What makes the company unique is that in addition to dispensing prescription medications like typical big box pharmacies, Medmetrics is also a compounding pharmacy. Compounding medications means that prescriptions can be tailored to a patient’s unique needs. This helps with children who cannot swallow medications, specific dosing of bio-identical hormones, and pets who are too big or too small for conventional doses.

“[Taylor] and I started Medmetrics because we have a different kind of vision for what we think a pharmacy should be,” McCown explains. “We both have a background in traditional community pharmacy settings, but grew frustrated with the high work volume and lack of patient/customer interaction.”

That’s when they joined forces.

“We believe the pharmacy setting should be the cornerstone of health and wellness in a pro-active sense,” he says. “We built Medmetrics to be an asset and a resource for the community for health and wellness. Historically, medicine in this country has been a world leader in treating and curing acute disease but we’re not very advanced in terms of day-to-day wellness and preventive medicine. That’s where our passion lies, and where we think medicine should be advancing.”
Settling Down and Starting Up in Chandler
McCown is not the only one in the family involved in the business. His wife, Bryanne, is also a pharmacist. The two met at the University of Washington while pursuing their Doctor of Pharmacy degrees. Bryanne has extensive experience in compounding, infectious disease (HIV/AIDS medicine), and geriatrics.

Soon after pharmacy school, McCown and his wife settled in Ocotillo.

“We were initially drawn to the area because of the beautiful green areas since it was a bit of an adjustment from the Pacific Northwest to the desert,” McCown says. “But now, we like the area and the family-friendly environment especially for our 5-year-old twin daughters, the strong school system, and the local community feel.”

Long-term goals for McCown is to establish Medmetrics as the premier access point for health and wellness while continuing to provide the community with accurate information and quality products. Medmetrics accepts most insurance plans and along with prescription medications, the pharmacy also carries a large variety of professional-grade vitamins and supplements. Medmetrics is located at 4995 South Alma School Road, Suite 4. To learn more about the pharmacy, visit