Painting your home? Simple steps to refresh your space 3

Brassberrys Painting and Coating owner and licensed painting contractor Carole Amsberry Anderson has been transforming Valley homes and commercial properties with high quality workmanship for more than 20 years. She sat down with us and shared expert advice and tips for DIYers or those seeking a professional paint job.

Q: How do I choose the best colors for my home?

A: It’s all about YOU! Today the popular color trends are moving towards cool grays, which create a fresh and light environment. Things to consider for the interior of your home are lighting, flooring, furnishings, trends and resale. Exterior considerations would be architecture, roof color, and HOA guidelines. We always recommend that our clients get a sample of the paint. It’s better to delay a project for a day than to choose the wrong color and have to purchase new paint.

Q: Should I do an accent wall?

A: It depends on what look you are going for and the size of the room. Accenting an end wall sometimes makes the room look longer or bigger. Sometimes accenting too many areas makes the room look small or boxy.

Q: What type of paint is recommended?

A: We only use the highest quality materials from our paint suppliers like Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams, PPG and Painter’s Supply for durability and performance. We typically use washable flat paint on ceilings to help hide any bad drywall issues. Walls are usually painted with high quality lower sheen paint that offers clean ability, which is great for anyone with kids or pets. For wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, we suggest a little higher sheen for moisture protection. We recommend a non-blocking enamel to prevent doors and casings from sticking together. We use 100 percent acrylic paint on stucco and wood exteriors.

Q: Is it necessary to use a primer?

A: Yes, especially on any problematic surfaces such as new drywall or extremely glossy surfaces. Priming helps adhesion as well as gives the finished product a more uniform look.

Carole Amsberry Anderson completed the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) Accreditation Program including online education through the organization’s Contractor College in 2015. She is also a board member of the Arizona Chapter PDCA. She and her small team of painters are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality of work, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

To request an estimate, ask painting questions or find out more information, contact Carole at 480-892-0463 or