Explore the beauty of Arizona

We’re fortunate to live in the magnificent Southwest where we can spend time outdoors nearly every single day. During the spring, and even as the hot summer months are approaching, we can take advantage of the cool mornings and the mild evenings for a stroll through the park, a hike or bike ride. Now is the perfect time to experience the Sonoran Desert in full bloom.

This month we’re focused on our natural surroundings. From gardening and hiking to fishing and wildlife, this issue is packed with outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy.

At Veteran’s Oasis Park and Environmental Education Center, residents can fish in the lake, hike trails, picnic under the pavilions, and learn about planting, birding and outdoorsmanship. Kids can even participate in nature camps, host birthday parties and interact with wildlife.

Turning compost into soil for gardening and farming is the mission behind Recycled City, a Phoenix-based organization that provides composting services for commercial and residential use across the Valley. In an effort to keep the earth sustainable, those who participate in the composting program can transform trash and food waste into soil which can be kept or donated to local farms and community gardens.

If you want to experience true natural beauty, head over to the Desert Botanical Garden. The 140-acre stunning outdoor display of desert plants will intrigue even the smallest visitors. Featuring interactive exhibits, tours, activities, classes and events, now is the perfect time to plan a visit.

Our Hot Spot this month features simple, fresh and local ingredients. At GRAZ Kitchen Fresh, owner Marcus Gonzales shares his inspiration behind the delicious morning and afternoon sandwiches, fresh juice blends, healthy salads and side dishes available at this Chandler restaurant.

It’s a beautiful time of year in Arizona. Go out and enjoy it!

Until next month,