Spotlight on local student artist Ryan Dempsey

At only 13 years old, Ryan Dempsey is a talented artist. An 8th-grader at Bogle Junior High, Ryan shares why he is so passionate and how he incorporates art into his life.

When did art become an 

I have always loved art, and at age 7, I got really into drawing. A year later I started painting with acrylic on canvas. Within the last two years I have started doing photography as well.

How are you able to express yourself in your artwork?

I really enjoy nature, especially the ocean, so most of my art reflects that. I have been doing a lot of photography as well in the past year, and the ocean is my favorite subject. I spent a few weeks in Ireland last summer, and the scenery was amazing and inspiring. I love to travel and get new ideas for my art.

What type of art do you 
enjoy most?

Painting, drawing and photography. Over the years I have done all three, but my latest projects have combined aspects of each.

Which art project makes you 
most proud?

One of my most recent projects, “The Wave,” which is based off a photograph I took in Clearwater Beach, Fla., printed in a very light gray onto canvas, and painted back to life in color with acrylic paint. It took several weeks to complete.

How do you plan to incorporate art into your life and as you continue in school?

Up until now, I have never taken any art classes or had any formal art training. I am excited to start at Hamilton High School in the fall and take some painting, drawing and photography classes. I have also been to many art shows and museums, and I plan to continue my appreciation of art in this way throughout my life. I have spent time sitting and learning from several professional artists over the years, and I hope to do more of that as well.