Locally Owned : Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio 1

From A Paint Brush To A Pottery Wheel, 
Celebrating Creativity In All Forms

Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a local art studio that allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to catch the creative bug. Located in Chandler at 141 West Boston St., Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a go-to place for creative family fun.

Cheryl Tisland co-owns the art studio with her mother Margaret Peters. Tisland’s son and sister also help run the studio. Tisland always wanted to open a family business, and thought an art studio would be the perfect place for her family to spend time together and celebrate something they all love, art.

Finding meaning

The inspiration for the name “Burst of Butterflies,” comes from the process of creating an art piece. At the start of an art project you have a lump of clay. As the artist you can create whatever you wish with the clay, you can mold it, you can spin it on the wheel or you can paint it. The lump of clay eventually “evolves into something beautiful,” similar to a burst of butterflies, according to Tisland.

There is a multitude of creative options to explore at Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio. You can select a ceramic piece from the shelves to paint. They offer many different types of ceramic pieces such as figurines, plates and candle holders. The art studio also offers canvas painting. There is no studio fee, you simply pay for the piece you are painting.

Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio’s goal is to provide a place where anyone of any age and skill level can come and try new things and be creative. “We cater to all abilities and age groups, and if you come in and say ‘well I can’t even draw a stick figure,’ well, join us for an hour and let us show you what you can do and you will be quite amazed by what you can create when you think you aren’t that creative,” said Tisland.

Classes and events

They offer a great list of classes for beginners and more advanced individuals, including glass fusing, clay wheel throwing and pottery and canvas painting. Their weekly schedule is full of creative learning opportunities.

Other than running the studio Tisland teaches all of the glass fusing classes. “I just love working with glass, cutting up the glass and creating beautiful pieces out of it is just a lot of fun,” said Tisland. In her glass fusing class you can learn to create anything from jewelry to picture frames.

Tisland’s son Lucas teaches the clay wheel throwing classes. He is currently majoring in ceramics and has impressed customers with his skill and patience, according to Tisland. The class is taught in their wheel throwing workshop, where they offer kids wheel classes, intro adult classes and advanced classes.

They aim to host events that cater to many different age groups. They host adult nights, where adults can bring food and alcoholic beverages to enjoy while they paint at the studio. They also offer spring and summer art camps for kids to let out their energy and creativity. They also provide the opportunity for people to host all types of events at their studio. You can host a birthday party, bridesmaid gathering or any other type of event in their party room.

Find your inner artist

Tisland’s favorite aspect of her job is the people. Watching her customers grow creatively and discover a new artistic interest brings her joy, “I just love the people. People come in all the time and I get to know them, and I get to know the kids, and they give me a hug, and they thank me for helping them be creative, it’s just a lot of fun to be there and see people creating beautiful things when they didn’t really feel like they had that creative ability in them,” said Tisland.

With a growing art community in Downtown Chandler, Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a great addition to the downtown art culture, “I love Chandler, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” said Tisland.

Whether you wish to become the next Picasso or simply want to take on a new creative hobby, Burst of Butterflies Pottery Painting & Art Studio is a great place to let your creativity fly. To learn more, visit their website at BurstofButterflies.com or call 480-559-8016.