Creating a beautiful masterpiece for those who need it most

At Nielsen Law Group, we are actively involved in the community and seek organizations and causes to support that resonate with us. Our first introduction to the House of Refuge was when our attorneys offered free educational seminars to the members of their community. But we wanted to take things a step further by involving our attorneys and staff in a service project on the property. We felt this would be an opportunity where we could not only bond as a team but also give back to the community.

The House of Refuge asked us if we wanted to be a part of their mural project, which they fondly referred to as their giant coloring book! This sounded like so much fun and we jumped at the opportunity. I was very excited about the project and it was music to my ears to learn about a chance to spend an afternoon painting with my colleagues.

The mural is located on a retaining wall in the community’s garden and, once completed, will add to the natural beauty of the surrounding. I wish we could say we created the mural, but the design and outline was created and painted by the talented and vivacious muralist, Marilyn Jo (MJ) Adamovic.

Upon arriving, MJ’s excitement for the project was obvious and her design was very impressive. Her artistic passion was clearly evident and she helped get our group excited to begin painting. This was most likely the only coloring book that would require a ladder to reach the top of the page!

The mural scene was a garden. Our staff spent the afternoon on ladders painting bushes, watermelons, trees, corn, lettuce, and more. We were able to make a significant dent in filling in the mural and enjoyed team bonding while serving the community.

The completion date of the mural is still to be determined as MJ is building upon the basic painting we provided and is filling in the detail and enhancements. We plan to visit the property upon its completion to see the final product. We hope that our efforts helped to speed up that process and that the residents in the House of Refuge community who are facing financial struggles and life trials can find a bit more solace and joy as they stroll among the now colorful community gardens.

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