d’Vine Gourmet 7

Homemade jellies, chocolate and other delicious treats

If you are looking to treat your loved ones with memorable gifts this Valentine’s Day, or for any occasion, look no further than d’Vine Gourmet.

Since 2003, Denise and Andrew McCreery have been providing Arizonans with delicious, gourmet foods and beverages. Before opening d’Vine Gourmet, Denise worked as a teacher for at risk youth in Tucson. Her husband, Andrew, being a sommelier, would bring home wine after work. Denise has always loved cooking and “playing in the kitchen,” so she would use the wine in her cooking. She concocted a variety of wine-infused jellies, including apple chardonnay. The McCreerys sold their jellies at local farmers’ markets and sold out after their first appearance. Soon, AJ’s Fine Foods heard of their wildly popular jellies and asked to carry their line.  Denise then quit her job and started a wine jelly kitchen to focus on her new calling. McCreery next tried her hand at other gourmet foods and updated the kitchen so that she could create mustards, spiced nuts, and chocolates. Delighted customers began asking for gift baskets, and the McCreerys were happy to oblige. In 2009, they brought d’Vine Gourmet to Chandler, sharing their culinary talents with a new community.

An array of offerings

Most of what you will find at d’Vine Gourmet is made in-house or by local businesses. Known for their exquisite gift baskets, d’Vine Gourmet provides customers with a tempting array of gourmet food collections. One of Denise’s favorites is The Arizona Gourmet, “filled with all things Arizona.” It includes delectable local products such as sweet chipotle snack mix, tequila lime with habanero spirit jelly, and prickly pear candy. Denise also highly recommends the Everything Chocolate basket, a customer favorite. In this gift set, you will find unique and delicious treats such as chipotle pretzel raisin chocolate bark, chocolate chip cookie dough drops, and chocolate pretzels. If you prefer a customized basket, d’Vine Gourmet allows you to build your own. Simply pick out your favorite items, and one of the friendly employees will wrap it for you. Or, place your order online, a service they started offering this year.

All of d’Vine Gourmet’s creations are made fresh and on location. In fact, customers can see the cooks working in the kitchen as they shop. They can watch the production of their favorite treats, from candies to mustards. Their award-winning caramels come in an array of flavors (including a delectable vanilla hazelnut and unique chocolate chipotle caramel) and new ones are introduced each season and holiday.

d’Vine Gourmet also specializes in collecting wines from both Arizona vineyards and around the world. Visit their wine cellar to see their large selection, or stop by on the fourth Wednesday of every month for a free wine tasting. At this event, customers can sample both wines and products from the store and meet some of the vineyard owners themselves. If you are not able to attend a wine tasting, visit on a Sunday morning to seek the expert opinion of Andrew, who serves as the store’s sommelier.

Holiday gifts

It can be difficult to find special gifts for your loved ones, but d’Vine Gourmet can help make Valentine’s Day shopping a breeze. With several holiday-themed treats to choose from, you will be able to find delicious gifts for everyone. They offer special chocolate barks in flavors such as white chocolate cherry pecan and white and dark chocolate with cinnamon hearts. The chocolate selection includes chocolate almonds, pecans and truffles. Customers can also pick out candies from local brands. If you want to add wine to your gifts, Denise recommends classics such as champagne or moscato. Even if you are looking for something aside from the usual, they will be able to find the perfect match.

A part of Chandler

Although originally from Boston, the McCreerys have immersed themselves into the Chandler community, to the delight of the residents. Their success was confirmed when they received the title of “Micro Business of the Year” by the Chandler Chamber of Commerce in 2015. They have created strong relationships with local businesses throughout the years and encourage others to support local. They demonstrate this by keeping as many local products as they can in the store, even buying their jars and labels from Arizona-based vendors.

d’Vine Gourmet is available online and open seven days a week. For more information, visit dvinegourmet.com.