Pure Barre Opens New Studio 2

Low Impact, High Intensity Barre Workout

It is officially the New Year, and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. Many New Year’s resolutions focus on making healthy lifestyle changes. For some people, simply purchasing a new gym membership isn’t enough. Fortunately, there is a new option for those looking to improve their health and adjust their fitness regimen: Pure Barre.

Pure Barre, a fitness studio chain, opened a new location in the San Tan Village area. The new studio celebrated its opening in November.

Perfect for every fitness level

Pure Barre is an innovative full-body workout that involves exercising each muscle group and stretching.

“Pure Barre is one of the most effective ways to change someone’s body,” says Nicole Hines, owner of Pure Barre San Tan Village. “It is a low impact, high intensity workout that focuses on isometric movements centered around a ballet barre.”

Hines has always valued athletics and fitness, but an illness prevented her from fully embracing her love for an active lifestyle.

“I couldn’t do anything,” she says. “I lost all my muscle strength for three years and I had to walk with a cane.”

Everything changed for Hines when her friend took her to a Pure Barre class for her birthday.

“I hadn’t been able to work out for three years and for my birthday she found out about Pure Barre,” Hines says. “She took me to a class and since that day I have been going six days a week. It completely changed my life; it was the first workout that my body could sustain after going through illness.”

Finding her passion

That gift has had an incredible impact on her life and over time she has developed a strong passion for Pure Barre. Now that Hines owns her own Pure Barre studio, she is looking forward to sharing her love for Pure Barre with the Southeast Valley.

“I really want to share that passion, help others discover the workout and see it change their lives as it did mine,” she says.

Hines decided to open her studio in Gilbert because she grew up there and because of the growing community. She believes that Pure Barre is a wonderful option for busy mothers and families in need of a quick and effective workout that can fit into any schedule. The studio offers 30 classes a week, seven days a week. There are classes in the morning, afternoon and evening.

A typical Pure Barre class aims to engage the entire body. Throughout the 55 to 60 minute class, you will work each muscle group and then stretch. The exercise routines are always changing in order to keep workouts exciting and fresh.

“It takes a few classes to understand the technique, but clients see results in as few as 10 classes,” Hines says.

Get your barre on

When attending a Pure Barre class, one should wear leggings or capris and a shirt that covers the midriff.  One should also bring a pair of sticky socks, a type of sock that aids in balance and prevents one from slipping when doing the workout. These socks can be purchased at the studio. Hines also recommends you bring a bottle of water and a towel. The rest of the equipment will be provided for you.

Trying a new workout can be intimidating and, at times, requires one to step out of his or her comfort zone.

“A lot of people think they need dance experience or ballet experience,” says Hines, but that is not true, she says, “If you can hold onto the barre you can do Pure Barre.” The workout is for women and men of all ages and fitness levels.

“You work at your own level,” she says.

Hines describes the Pure Barre workout as an “act of community.” It is the perfect workout to do with friends and family. It has a positive impact on one’s health and also allows one to share a social experience with others.

When asked what Hines looks forward to most about her new studio, she says that she is most looking forward to working with clients, hearing their stories and working especially with women in the community.

“I am excited to help change bodies, change minds, change lives and build confidence,” she says.

Pure Barre is located at 2556 S. Val Vista Drive Suite 103, in Gilbert. To learn more visit Purebarre.com/Az-SantanVillage and the studio’s official Instagram page at Instagram.com/PureBarreStv or call 480.821.1515.