Christian Brothers Automotive Opens First Arizona Location 2

Unique Repair Shop Dedicated To Providing Customers 
With Integrity And Respect

Christian Brothers Automotive is a rapidly growing franchise that originally began in Houston, Texas in 1982. The franchise now has over 145 different locations across the United States.

Christian Brothers Automotive opened a new location in Chandler on August 24, 2015. Located at 290 E. Ocotillo Rd, the new Chandler location is the first Christian Brothers Automotive in the state of Arizona.

A Family Business

Tony Schottenbauer co-owns the new Chandler location with his wife Shoko Schottenbauer. After working in operations management and independent consulting, Schottenbauer realized he wanted to pursue a new career that would allow him to “walk his faith.” He was drawn to Christian Brothers Automotive because of its commitment to Biblical principles and veterans and because of his lifelong automotive hobby.

Christian Brothers Automotive is different than many auto repair shops, and that difference is evident right when customers walk through the door.

“The waiting room has wood floors, leather couches, crown molding and is a very upscale waiting and lounge area,” says Schottenbauer. Customers can wait for their car in the waiting room, or they can take advantage of the courtesy shuttle.

Schottenbauer and his staff provide all major auto services and repairs and they invest in advanced technology in order to provide customers with the best service. Christian Brothers also has a staff of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians.

Committed to Customer Service

Schottenbauer and his staff take a different approach to how they work with customers. Instead of telling the customer what is wrong with their car, they prefer to show the customer the problem. Schottenbauer explained that they do not view their job as salespeople, but as educators.

Christian Brothers Automotive offers a warranty called the “nice difference warranty.” According to Schottenbauer, the warranty is all about providing options for their customers.

“Our warranty is two years or 24,000 miles, whatever works best for you,” he says. Depending on driving habits, the warranty can last until 24,000 miles or the end of the two years if that amount has not yet been reached.

Christian Brothers Automotive is also strongly dedicated to the military; veterans receive discounts and Schottenbauer–who is a U.S. Army veteran and served in Vietnam in 1972–aims to hire veterans. He currently has two veterans on his staff.

Schottenbauer expressed that one of the reasons he wanted to own a Christian Brothers Automotive was to build relationships.

“I would rather have 5,000 customers that love us and want to come back to us for their needs, year-over-year, and once their kids grow up, they come here, rather than have 100,000 customers that I only see one time,” he says.

The Christian Brothers Automotive mission is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Schottenbauer and his staff follow this motto by running the business with integrity, inspiring trust and treating people with courtesy and respect.

“Part of our mission is to be a light in the community, in the state and in the world,” Schottenbauer adds.

The franchise looks to make a positive impact on the city of Chandler, one customer at a time. 

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