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Roof Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations

Finding the perfect home takes an enormous amount of time and energy, so it makes sense that you would want to ensure that it is protected. James DeVore of Shamrock Roofing Services explains that the roof does just that: “The roof protects everything below, not only the house and the things within but the people.” At Shamrock Roofing, the team strives to provide their customers with quality roofing services to protect both homes and residents.

Strong Foundation

Shamrock Roofing Services, LLC was started in 2008 by James DeVore, who has been in the roofing business for over 30 years. DeVore brought together a team of seasoned roofing professionals explaining, “Our crew foremen have a minimum of 17 years of experience with an average of over 20 years.”

Not only does Shamrock Roofing focus on enlisting quality employees, but they also seek to bring that high level of quality to their customers.

“We will honestly evaluate a roof based on the big picture and what the customer needs,” DeVore affirms. “Shamrock Roofing Services, LLC will offer a repair whenever it is available allowing customers to plan for larger renovations when a roof reaches the end of its life.”

This honesty and genuine interest in helping residents have a well-structured roof allows Shamrock Roofing to build strong and trusting relationships with their customers.


Roof repairs and renovations can seem extremely daunting. Shamrock Roofing’s reputation of honesty allows residents in need of roofing services to feel at ease. With their evaluations, Shamrock Roofing’s foremen can offer customers a variety of services. DeVore reveals that the most popular services of Shamrock Roofing are the Concrete Tile Refelt, Shingle Roof Replacement and Flat Roof Coating. Shamrock also performs small repairs such as replacing one to two broken tiles or lifted shingles.

When choosing the perfect roof style, you need to consider several different options. Shamrock Roofing offers asphalt shingles, concrete tiles and flat roof styles. If you decide that a flat roof is right for your home, Shamrock provides a variety of styles including foam, rolled and walk decks. “The most popular roofing type in Arizona is concrete tile,” DeVore remarks.

Maintaining Your Roof

Once you have your beautiful roof, you will want to ensure that it remains in top condition. To do so, DeVore suggests having regular maintenance checks on your roof. “Basic maintenance is an affordable way to extend the life of a roof. A professional should inspect a roof every couple of years. Regular inspections can help to keep up with roof cleaning to remove debris that can block water flow allowing it to deteriorate the roofing materials,” he explains.

Although flat roofs can be a great asset to a home, they are more susceptible to damage. DeVore cautions, “Flat roofs are especially important to maintain because they are not as visible and are easily forgotten.”

Tile roofs are a popular option, but they too require regular maintenance. “Tile roofs should have the tiles checked for cracks, breaks and slipping which leaves the felt beneath vulnerable to damage,” DeVore warns.

Finally, shingle roofs can give homes a classic feel but DeVore explains that they can need to have pipes and vents resealed where they penetrate the roof.

At Your Service

Shamrock Roofing provides their customers with roofing care not only in their time of need but also before any roofing issues may occur. “Shamrock Roofing Services offers free annual inspections to help homeowners keep up with regular maintenance and evaluate the overall condition of each roof before an emergency,” shares DeVore. This truly gives customers the peace of mind they need when faced with making decisions on the part of their home that provides the most protection.

For more information on Shamrock Roofing Services, LLC, please visit or call 480.888.6648.