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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

Kitchens are a very important and functional room in a home. It is where people can gather and share a sense of community. Countertops are an essential aspect and the focal point of the kitchen.

One type of countertop that is very popular is granite. Granite countertops can transform any dull kitchen into a kitchen of luxury. But is the renovation and maintenance worth it?

Home renovations can be a stressful process. Renovations are time consuming, expensive and can leave your home in a mess for weeks or even worse, months. Granite Transformations, a worldwide franchise that specializes in stone and glass countertops, aims to make the home renovation process easier, affordable and timely.

Engineered Granite

Unlike natural granite, Granite Transformations’ product is an engineered granite that requires less upkeep. Their product is “better than granite in the fact that there is no maintenance, because it is permanently sealed and it comes with a lifetime warranty,” says Roy Anderson, owner of Granite Transformations in Phoenix.

Granite Transformations has a very unique and convenient countertop installation process. They take quarter-inch thick slabs of engineered stone and place it directly on top of the existing countertops, meaning there is no demolition involved, according to Anderson.

Their demolition-free installation enables the countertops to be installed more quickly and allows the homeowner to skip the demolition mess entirely. In most cases the entire countertop installation can take just one day.


Granite Transformations not only aims to make the renovation process easier for the homeowner, but they also seek to have a positive influence on the environment. They offer glass countertops made from recycled glass, according to Anderson.

Their countertop installations are also eco-friendly, since the countertops are placed directly over the old counter. The demolition-free installation saves time and generates less waste. “We don’t have to tear out the old countertops and throw them in the landfill, we just keep them on the existing counter,” says Anderson.

Installation Made Easy

Granite Transformations offers free in-home consultations to help homeowners determine the best product and color for their home’s interior. During the consultation, color samples will be provided, allowing the homeowner to test out different colors in the room they are remodeling.

There are a wide variety of color options including 25 different granite and quartz product colors. Also during the consultation, measurements will be taken and pricing will be discussed.

After the consultation, Granite Transformations will schedule a template date. They will take a template of the existing countertops and transport it to the factory. While at the factory they will cut the product so that it measures up to the template, according to Anderson. After the template stage, the countertops are ready for installation.

Granite Transformation’s products can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and vanities. They also offer glass countertops, mosaic tile backsplashes and cabinet refacing.

Home renovations can be a daunting task, but Granite Transformations can help make the process a little less overwhelming. The Phoenix based Granite Transformations serves the east and south Valley. 

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