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It has always been my passion in life to decorate homes – not for just anyone, but for those who think designing a home can be expensive. It all started when I wanted to decorate my new 3,600-square-foot home in Plano, TX. Coming from a very modest 1,600-square-foot home, it was quite intimidating for me. I didn’t know much about decorating at the time, but I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to look.

At first I tried hiring an interior designer, but after the numbers kept adding up, I found it to be far outside of my financial comfort zone. At this point, I decided that it was time to educate myself, so I started taking classes, reading magazines, design books, and going through model homes. Once I finally created my first real space, it was then that I realized, “Hey! I’ve got a knack for this.” As a result of creating my own space, and  listing our home for sale, I was approached by a realtor to stage homes  Again, not knowing the staging business but understanding it was like decorating a home with minimal pieces, I began doing my due diligence and started a staging business.

It’s now 22 years later and I have a thriving career, which has completely exceeded all my expectations. I practice my skills in the Chandler area with clients in southern California as well.

My philosophy has always been to create a timeless and practical design which is personalized for each client. Hiring an interior designer/decorator doesn’t have to break the bank. Knowing where to shop, while utilizing my designer benefits, allows me to pass on all my financial savings. I listen to my client’s needs and budgets to create that timeless and practical design in which I pride my business.

Here are a few tips and tricks I use when I’m designing a space:

1. Find one inspirational piece and work around it.

2. When accessorizing, try to use larger pieces in lieu of smaller ones to fill the space.

3. Mix and match woods and textiles to create a more unique focal point.

4. Always use colorful accent rugs in bathrooms instead of generic bath rugs.

5. Use dimmers on light switches to enhance the ambiance.

6. It’s ok to mix and match your tables in the family room or bedroom for more texture and interest.

7. Mix your dining chairs with solid and pattern textiles. It’s great when you can choose different captain chairs at each end of the table.

8. I like to layer my pillows on the couch, love seat and chairs. Pick out different fabrics which coordinate with colors, prints and patterns.

9. Pick your paint colors last and be sure to paint a sample on a large white poster board so you can move it around in different places of the room.

10. Print off a picture of your room or space and carry it with you when trying to determine furniture and appropriate accessories along with measurements. Bring swatches of fabrics, paint or wood tones that you are working with.

Most people tend to decorate according to a current trend.  Like anything in life, use the trend in moderation, and try to incorporate a more timeless approach to allow for a more versatile and practical design.

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