The Perch Pub and Brewery

If you have been to Downtown Chandler in the past couple of years, you’ve noticed that it is no longer the slim collection of retail shops which typically wound down at 5 p.m. Now, Downtown Chandler has a busy nightlife with restaurants, bars and more than one brewery providing an entertainment district which has drawn crowds looking for fun!

The Perch Pub and Brewery is the dream of proprietor, Rebecca Lavenue. When the opportunity to purchase a plot of land in Downtown Chandler arose, Rebecca knew that this space was the place to bring that dream to life. Having had her children graduate from Chandler High School and being a champion of all things Chandler, Rebecca envisioned a humble 75-seat restaurant and bar.

The Perch became much more than that, incorporating a restaurant, a large courtyard dining space, a beer garden game area, a private dining space, and a rooftop patio. In the coming months, an additional restaurant will open on an adjacent lot which will complement The Perch.

When guests arrive at The Perch they are greeted by 90+ exotic rescue birds which call Downtown Chandler their home!  Macaws, cockatoos, Amazon parrots, lovebirds, and many more species fill the aviary on the property. People often ask how The Perch got it its name. With the two main attractions being the exotic bird rescue and the rooftop patio with a view of Downtown Chandler, The Perch was a natural fit.

As if a 400+ seat multi-use restaurant and bar filled with exotic birds wasn’t enough,The Perch also has a brewery. Many of the brews are food infused, coupling familiar flavors which new craft beer explorers feel comfortable trying out. Belgian Peach, Rooftop Rosemary IPA, Grilled Lemon Cream Ale, Ginger MoFo, Cinnamon Honey Nut Porter, and Desert Blossom Saison are frequently found on the house taps. With 40 total tap handles, wine and spirits available for guests to choose from, there is truly something for everyone.

Chef Timothy McGovern creates brunch, lunch, and dinner offerings which both compliment and often incorporate beer into the menu. The Perch’s wings are legendary, the cast iron skillet tamale is delicious and beautiful, and of course the brick oven fired pizza made with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the crust is a perennial favorite.

Since opening on February 14 in 2014, The Perch has been on a journey of constantly improving itself to make the service, and food and beverage options exactly what our guests want.

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