Bringing the Islands to Chandler

I started dancing at the ripe age of four with various styles ranging from modern jazz to Polynesian dance. In 2004, I followed my dreams and opened a fitness-dance studio in Mexico. Soon after my daughter was born, my husband was transferred to the U.S and that’s when I started a home-based yoga-dance studio in Maricopa. Eight years later and after my third child was born, we decided to move to Chandler and expand the studio.

Having San Carlos, Sonora, a dreamy beach in the Gulf of California, as my hometown, and being passionate for the Hawaiian culture, I wanted to offer the relaxing and soothing ambience of the ocean. With the help of my husband, Aloha Yoga and Hula came to life, with majestic turquoise floors resembling the ocean and huge panoramic murals covering the walls to bring a little piece of paradise to Arizona.

As a mother of three and business woman, I know the importance of having a clear and relaxed mind, as well as building healthy and positive energy. I wanted to offer a place for people to come and restore, refresh, renew. A place to find healing, love and acceptance. At my studio you can find that as you make new friendships, create fun memories and experience nurturing love, and much more.

A variety of yoga styles are offered from slow paced and restorative, to fast paced , including the popular five-week beginner yoga series and the 12-week weight-loss program. During the beginner yoga program, you can learn at a very slow and relaxed pace what yoga is all about, including breathing, meditation and proper alignment. In the weight-loss program, you learn to restore your nervous system to stop unnecessary cravings and develop proper nutrition for great health, improved mood and natural energy.

Traditional Hawaiian dancing is offered for all ages as well as sensual Tahitian dancing. With the language, food, history, foot work and beauty behind the Polynesian culture, you become part of the perpetuation of this exotic and ancient culture that comes to life as living poetry when we perform on stage. All levels are welcome to my Ohana.

Kids yoga and summer camp for girls ages 4 to 7 are popular favorites. Kids yoga is full of fun games and stories that encourage positive self-esteem and good health. The Girls Summer Camp is always a big hit as the girls learn a wide variety of dances including modern jazz, belly dance, Hawaiian, Tahitian and Maori, and participate in crafts such as hula paper dolls and flower painting. Camp runs through the month of July.

For a great way to spend your summer in Arizona, packed with fun activities that take you out of your environment, come and visit me at Aloha Yoga and Hula and find your Om at the beach!

Myriam Valenzuela is the owner and founder of Aloha Yoga and Hula in Chandler and a certified yoga instructor. She has been dancing several styles of jazz, flamenco, belly dance, hula, tahitian and maori for more than 30 years. Learn more at