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Solutions Today For A Greener Tomorrow

Sun Valley Solar Solutions (SVSS) sprouted in 2006 because Joe Messner and Russ Patzer had a shared a passion for technology, innovation and the environment, and the determination to put that passion to good use. Both were former Intel engineers who looked at the abundant Arizona sun and knew there was a better way to make electricity that could save money for countless families, while ensuring a cleaner and healthier planet for the next generation.

Growing the Business

Messner and Patzer continue to be actively involved in every aspect of the business, and some days, can be found in the trenches or making house calls. They are known for being committed to their customers and their employees.

The company may have begun with two people with a bright idea, but it has flourished since. They have about 85 employees and are currently hiring. The business has been so successful, they are expanding to a new building a few blocks from their current headquarters on North Colorado Street in Chandler.

“As Sun Valley Solar Solutions has grown, we’ve expanded to several different facilities throughout the valley,” says Kyle Ritland, vice president of marketing. “The move will bring everyone under one roof, while expanding our warehouse and office facilities to meet our current demand and future growth plans.”

Becoming Environmentally Responsible

Ritland is also passionate about the solar industry. Going to work for SVSS was a very personal move for him. He spent 17 years working in music and entertainment technology, and while traveling the world with his clients, he had an epiphany.

“As I got older, I became much more aware of how our choices impact the world around us for generations. I became much more passionate about environmental issues. You could say that coming to work for Sun Valley Solar Solutions helps me focus that passion while helping others achieve financial relief and their own personal green goals. It feels good indeed,” says Ritland.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is commitment to customer service and proud to tout that most of their new business comes through referrals. They believe solar power is a way to change people’s lives for the better.

Making the Choice

When someone is interested in going solar, they’re asked to gather a year’s worth of utility bills to help evaluate their needs based on their actual power usage. A representative comes out to the home for a free evaluation. It’s nearly impossible for them to give a quote by phone because there are many factors to consider.

All types of homes are good candidates, but the ideal situation in Arizona is a south facing roof, which has the best sun exposure. If the roof is not ideal, a ground mount system is possible. Also, people who install solar panels tend to own their home because it's an investment.

It’s also difficult before the evaluation to answer how much a person can save on their bill due to the variables. During the evaluation, homeowners are asked their goals. Do they want to cut their electric bill by 50 percent or completely eliminate their bill? Another factor is their utility provider; APS and SRP have different programs for solar customers.

“I would love the Chandler community to feel proud of a home-grown, successful business that’s at the center of a very important shift in how people power their lives. Sun Valley Solar Solutions is at the center of this technology revolution,” says Ritland.

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