Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center

Wagging tails, wiggling bodies and sweet kisses are never in short supply when hanging out with the pups of Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center. Our current foster dog, Noelle, definitely checks all those boxes as she only holds still when she crawls into your lap to lick your face. She is the third dog we have welcomed into our home from the Mesa-based rescue since we started our fostering adventure last July.

People often ask us if it’s hard to foster. They want to know if we become attached to the dogs.

Yes, we do.

Each one has left a special mark on our hearts (or in the case of Clark who left chew marks in my laundry basket so I am reminded of him every time I wash clothes), and the day they leave us is sad, but knowing that our county shelters are bursting at the seams with dogs, mainly pit bulls in need, makes it quite easy to let them go. Letting them go means another one will soon be saved.

Founder Abby Cohen started Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue in December 2013. In that short time she has created a Valley-wide network of sponsors, volunteers, donors and fosters who all play a crucial role in meeting the end goal for each of her special dogs: adoption.

This support system is vital to the success of Standing Proud. Sponsors provide food, supplies and vet checks for the everyday care of the dogs. Monetary donations are needed to help with dogs like Noelle and Crissy who need extensive medical care once leaving the shelter. Volunteers run events, network and help fosters exercise their dogs. Fosters provide a safe, loving home for the dogs to decompress and learn how to live the good life after their often stressful stint at the country shelter. 

Local rescues like Standing Proud are the reason many doggy lives are saved from the unfortunate fate thousands of others who didn’t make it out have faced. With dozens of dogs finding their way into our county shelters everyday, the need for foster and adoption is always expanding.

If you would like to lend a helping hand to the homeless pit bulls of Maricopa County, visit and fill out an application. The pit bulls will thank you!