Bella Rose Estate 6

Where Wedding Dreams Come True


Just about every young girl grows up dreaming about her wedding day. She dreams of marrying wonderful, handsome guy who swept her off her feet. In her dream, she wears a gorgeous gown and her wedding takes place in a storybook setting, as she becomes a Princess for the day. Everything is perfect, including dancing with her Prince at the Wedding Ball.

Those beautiful dreams can come true with the help of Bella Rose Estate, located at the Manor house in Chandler. This home has been transformed into a modern day palace and wedding venue. For a day, a couple can use the beautiful 3,000-square-foot home, the two acres of gardens and the 5,000 square-foot ballroom–all designed with primarily one focus, to help make wedding dreams come true.

The History

The Manor house was originally built as a private residence in 1975 by a cattle rancher. His family had moved to Chandler in the 1900s and they owned 800 acres. His wife’s family moved there in 1869 and owned 620 acres. Farming and cattle ranching were their way of life. The owner’s wife had been a city gal from California and moving to the country was quite a change. After they moved into their home, she had a hard time getting use to being alone, as her home was surrounded by acres and acres of farmland and cattle. In fact, when she would drive into her garage, she immediately closed the door and then sat in her car until her fear subsided enough for her to go into the house.

It took more than two years for the house to be built. Some of the original items are still visible. In the master bedroom, which is now the Bridal Suite, there is a stone wall made with stones that were brought in from Virginia. The owner’s garden view seen from a window in the master bedroom’s sitting area is now a view of the Bridal Suite’s private patio.

The house also has two beautiful rock walls that were made with rocks from a river bottom in Mesa, and two covered floor-to-ceiling fireplaces. One of the fireplaces is located in the family room. The other is located in what was once the formal dining room. It also has a large wood mantel that was made from a tree in northern California. Both locations are now sitting rooms where the bridal party and immediate family can relax.

A Wedding Venue

Three years ago, Vickie Herd decided to take this property, once called Ashley Manor, and transform it into the Bella Rose Estate, a wedding venue. Herd selected the name in honor of her younger sister, Rosemary, who died in 1988 at the age of 24. Roses in many forms are strategically placed around the estate, keeping a bit of her sister’s memory with her.

Herd also has family members who help her coordinate the many weddings and private events that are held at the Manor house. The Bella Rose staff includes her daughters, Leslie and Ashley; her son, Chad; her son-in-law, Chad; and her parents, Mary Ann and Bud.

“I am very blessed to be able to do what I love and work with my kids and parents every day.” Herd shares.

As a previous small business owner with an entrepreneurial “can do” spirit, Herd, with her family, jumped into wedding planning business. Bella Rose averages three weddings a week as well as other events they plan. Those events may include birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions, barbecues, bridal showers, charity events, school proms, Halloween and Christmas parties. The Manor house is available for both small and large events with the Bella Rose staff’s assistance.

A Magical Place

It took Herd more than 10 months to renovate the Manor house into a wonderful wedding venue for couples to use on their wedding day. All the furniture and accessories were brought in to create just the right ambiance to fit the style of the home. It’s tastefully decorated in a Tuscany, Santa Barbara style that is very warm and inviting. The bridal couple and their family have access to the house on the day of the wedding. The groom and his groomsmen can get ready in the Groom’s Room. The Bridal Suite is a larger area for the bride and her maids to relax and have their hair and makeup done. A private, enclosed patio, just outside the Bridal Suite, makes a nice background for pictures. The Manor’s large sitting room has comfortable couches and chairs plus a large, 60” flat screen television in case family members need to catch a show or game while they wait.

Outdoors, a quaint birdcage gazebo is perfect for photographs. There’s also a large ceremony gazebo that is surrounded by a lovely, tranquil setting. At night, the large pecan trees sparkle with twinkling lights and moon beams create a romantic atmosphere. A spacious outdoor reception area has a large bar and fireplace;  cocktail tables, photo booth and more can be set up there making it a wonderful area for guests to enjoy. Five fountains grace the property: one outside the Manor house entrance, another as you enter the gardens, one by the ceremony gazebo and the remaining two located near the cocktail reception area. Two waterfalls can also be found on the estate. The first one you pass when you enter the property and the other is located by the ceremony gazebo. The gazebos, fountains, waterfalls and lush gardens make beautiful backgrounds for wedding photos.

The ballroom is stunning with its chandeliers and round tables. It can hold 300 people and there’s a designated area for a DJ or musicians and a nice size dance floor. Each couple has a choice of color for the linens and the style of the table centerpieces.

Simple Choices

Herd, and her staff, are very passionate about what they do and with all the planning and preparation they get to know a couple quite well.

“It’s not just another bride or just another wedding, it’s like they’re family,” shares Herd.

There are many benefits to working with the wedding planners at Bella Rose Estate. They offer a stress-free option to planning a wedding. The experienced planners ask many questions and attentively listen to discover what the couple wants for their wedding. Then, they help make it happen. Preferred vendors for meals, music, cake and flowers eliminates running around frantically trying to coordinate everything yourself. It truly is a plus for a couple to have their own wedding planner so they can enjoy the wedding planning stage and their wedding day. In addition, the couple and their guests get to enjoy fireworks at the end of the evening.

Other options include renting the facility for only the wedding ceremony, only the reception, or for both. For a detailed list of what is included in the package and non-package plans, please visit their website.